A Fishermans Tales

Entireley my senseless and random ramblings ….

Matches 2012

This year will see me return to match fishing, after a break of 20 years, by joining Dudley Rod’n’Reel Angling Club

I will be more than happy simply not to embarrass myself !!

Dates and details of matches can be found below


11/03/2012         Match 1                Greenhill Farm Old Pool


01/04/2012         Match 2                Hillveiw Fishery Canals 3/4

22/05/2012         Match 3                Astwood Fishery Buddliea Lake


20/05/2012         Match 4                Cudmore Fishery Suez Canal


10/06/2012         Match 5                Packington Somers Little Gearys


01/07/2012         Match 6                Woodland Veiw Barley Pool Canal

22/07/2012         Match 7                Bolding’s Fishery Sycamore lake


19/08/2012         Match 8                Ockeridge Lakes Oak Pool

26/08/2012         Match 9                Cob House Fishery Wyatts Pool


9/09/2012            Match 10             Larford Lakes Match Lake-Burr Bank

30/09/2012         Match 11             Solhampton Fishery Dragonfly Pool


14/10/2012         Match 12             Coppice Lane Bridge Pool


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