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Match Report – Hillview Fishery Canals 3 and 4

Yesterday saw me fish my second match with Dudley Rod n Reel at Hillview Fishery just off Junction 1 of the M50 near Tewkesbury.

A heavy frost was promised and despite the glorious weather earlier in the week that’s exactly what we got with a heavy frost seeing temperatures plummet to a positively artic -4 around 4/5 am.

My keep nets airing on the lawn following a session on Friday were frozen and an extra pair of trousers were swiftly deployed.

The prospects didn’t look good…fish especially those pesky F1’s feed right through the coldest weather but nature struggles to cope with sudden change and I guess fish are no different.

On arrival, the venue was eerily covered with a rising Smokey mist and the temperature even at 8 am hadn’t risen much above 0.

Was there first and I got barrowed up ready to make my way to the Canal Lakes at the top of the venue when others started to arrive.

A mug of tea and a bacon and egg sarnie got the day of to a good start.

Arrival at the lakes it was clear that pegging was going to be tight with a full accompaniment of 20 anglers there wasn’t much space. The odd empty peg was left free giving those lucky in the draw with a little more scope.

I drew peg 12 on Canal 4 sun on my back so I was relatively happy. I knew good weights recently have come of this part of the lake so prospects were good even with the drop in water temp.

I was also fishing against The Guvnor Richard Lowe in the singles so the pressure was on.

With a free peg to my left and then Paul “The Fin” Postin next peg down I felt sure he would be baggin up

Match started and I adopted two main rigs …first over to the bottom crease of the first ledge on corn and expander. Picking out 3 spots of equal depth to rotate as I expected to catch F1’s all day. Best laid plans … no sign of fish for 1 st hour very quiet. A few pegs were picking up the odd fish and Phil Locke on Canal 3 was clearly eaking out a bag of fish despite the lakes fishing hard

Kept at the ledge line for a couple of hours before trying down the track on deck again with pellet and corn. Managed to pick up the odd fish now and again but never really got into any rhythm

Plenty of Ghosties and mongrels on the surface but you could tell they wernt going to be having anything shallow or from dobbing around so tried to ignore them as best as you can.

Last hour brought some blessed relief with a decent carp to about 3lb and bonus small F1’s angered if anything into taking the bait by lifting and dropping every 5 to 10 seconds which increased the net to a disappointing but relatively competitive 5kg 11. Winner came from Canal 3 in Phil “The Corn” Locke weighing in at just over 18kg.

Expectations had been high but those in the know knew that pegging 20 anglers on the two canals would make the venue fish hard and so it transpired.

Beaten by Richard Lowe in the singles with 7kg something but sneaked though on away goals with the highest losing weight which was a Brucie bonus.

Generally a thoroughly disappointing day but as ever, a bad days fishing is better than a good days work !


Pole disaster ? Call Bob The Rod ……

Again my bacon has been saved by the Pole Doctor Bob The Rod.

Snapped my number 4 in two first put in yesterday …. Stupid clumsy mistake but telescoped it and fished on catching a net full.

Quick trip Saturday morning to see Doctor Bob and was greeted by a cheerful smile and “what you been breaking now”

“ahh thats an easy one” were the words I wanted to hear and Bob took my number and even promised to repair it by Friday in time for my next session.

The cost ? A very reasonable £10 ….. £55 quid cheaper than a new section.

So if you ever break a section or a Rod …dont panic and pop along to see Bob at Fosters Birmingham and he will sort you out.

Top bloke !

Cheers Bob

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Woodview Fishery – Island Pool

Woodside Fishery is a recently established fishing complex set within the beautiful rolling hills and pasture lands of the South Shropshire countryside. There are four pools available to both the pleasure and match angler alike, all offering superb day ticket fishing. The pools are heavily stocked with a variety of coarse fish including, most predominately, Carp and Tench, with large numbers of Roach, Rudd, Bream, Perch, Chub and even Barbel.

The pools are co-owned by Peter Hughes and his brother David. Together, they have taken great care and effort to create a very natural setting in which anglers, young and old, can come and enjoy themselves irrespective of whether or not they catch fish all year round

Island Pool

The second longest standing pool on the complex is the Island pool, named because of its two islands. The pool is home to fewer species with Carp, Bream and Roach being the most dominant. This pool presents the angler with more of a challenge, but with greater rewards with Carp averaging 2-3lb, Bream averaging 1lb + and F1 hybrids to over 3lb. The pool is also popular amongst younger anglers in search of their first catch with plenty of small Roach and Rudd to be had.

Depths average between 4-6ft with drop-offs reaching aprox. 15ft on the dam wall. Popular methods include pole fished meat and/or corn for large weights of mixed size Carp, Bream and Roach from close in and pole fished maggot/ castor for large catches of both Roach and Rudd. A good tip is not to neglect the margins! The pool fishes all year round, but can produce some exceptional fishing in the colder months due to the deeper water. The current match weight record stands at 158lb 8oz caught by K. Gray on 14th July 2010.

The Island pool is accessible to both disabled and elderly fishermen with a

large car park close by and secure wooden staging around the pool, catering for aprox. twenty seven (27) anglers.

Woodview Fishery was featured in the Angling Times…to veiw the article see below

Woodside Fishery is approximately 50 minutes from Birmingham, 15 minutes from Kidderminster, 10 minutes from Bewdley and 20 minutes from Bridgnorth.

If you are trying to find the fishery via sat nav  use postcode DY14 0BU

If you need further directions, please visit Multimap.com

From Kidderminster:

Take the A456 heading towards Leominster. At Callow Hill turn right (just after the new housing development) onto the A4117 towards Cleobury Mortimer. At the top of the village, turn left just before Harry Tuffins (signposted Tenbury). Follow the road for approx. 2 miles and we’re on the right.

From Bridgnorth:

Take the B4363 heading towards Cleobury Mortimer. Join the A456, go through the village, and turn left by Harry Tuffins. Again, we’re about two miles down the Tenbury Road on the right hand side (opposite Hazely Grange Farm).

From Birmingham:

Take the A34 then pick up the B4100 towards Walsall, the Ring Road and Perry Barr. Bear left onto the A4540. At Summer Lane (J11) continue straight towards the Ring Road and M5. At Lucas Circus (J10), take 2nd exit to A4540. At Key Hill Circus (J9) take 2nd exit to A4540 signposted West Bromwich (A41). At Hockley Circus roundabout, take 1st exit and pick up the A41. Continue on to Soho Hill then take the M5 (SW). Leave the motorway at J3 signposted Kidderminster and follow the A456. Continue along the A456 until you see the A4117 signposted Cleobury Mortimer (just outside of Callow Hill).

From Bewdley

Head out of Bewdley on the B4190 / Long Bank heading towards Wharton Park Golf Course. At the roundabout, take the third exit signposted A456 / Long Bank. At Callow Hill turn right onto the A4117 towards Cleobury Mortimer. Continue on the A4117 until you reach the village of Cleobury. At the top of the village, turn left just before Harry Tuffins (signposted Tenbury Road). Follow the road for approx. 2 miles and we’re on the right hand side, opposite Hazely Grange Farm.

For more information see www.woodsidefishery.co.uk

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Getting Closer….but feeling further away than ever !!!

So were into February and all thoughts are turning to the fishing year ahead.

I’m lucky to have found a club to fish with this year, Dudley Rod n Reel so will be fishing 12 or so matches…likely to be hammered off the lake but hey ho !!

So whilst the first match on the 11th of March is getting closer the weather turning as it has makes me feel its further away than ever.

Whilst we have been fortunate, so far, not to have had the awful snow we had last year, the temperatures are still extremely low.  Whilst I have admiration for those brave souls who are tempted to get out and break the ice, I am wondering really whether its worth it.

I’m also very aware that this cold weather brings misery to so many people, particularly the most vulnerable.  However those who are fit and able can be cruelly and unexpectedly affected at this time of year.

Two years ago a good friend slipped on some ice, could have happened to anybody, any age any where….He ended up breaking his leg, and wrist, a common partnership unfortunately.

He ended up in hospital for several weeks and even when home, relied on carers and his family.  Months of physio further surgery and a diagnosis of Thrombosis followed and even now is feeling the after effects.

The moral to this story is no matter how old, how fit, how independent you are in this cold icy weather take care of yourself and if you can keep an eye out for any elderly or vulnerable neighbours.

Whilst Cameron bangs on about Big Society, the sense of community is not completely dead – it just needs a little intensive care.

Look in on your elderly and vulnerable neighbours, make sure they have enough food and drink in to ensure they dont try and get out to the shops when they dont really need to.

A simple slip, trip or fall can multiply into something much much worse – keeping people in their homes, warm safe is the best option as long as someone looks in on them regualry and they arent socially isolated.

If you need any advice on caring for the most vulnerable this winter check out Winter Wrapped Up from Age UK

Sorry for this off topic ramble …hope you all keep warm safe and healthy during this cold snap.

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Top Tens – All Time Matchmen

1.   Ivan Marks

2.   Bob Nudd

3.   Alan Scotthorn

4.   Steve Ringer

5.   Dave Harrell

6.   Tommy Pickering

7.    Ian Heaps

8.    Kevin Ashurst

9.    Will Raison

10.  Lee Kerry as the one to watch !!

Just my thoughts ….am sure others will have a different opinion, please feel free to leave your comments below

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Garbolino Maxim Competition Match 500

After purchasing my Garbo Maxim 500 I have waited until now to post my comments.

Didn’t want to jump in and say it was great or a pile of pooh before giving it due chance. I feel its also important to say that i have no connection with Garbolino or any other company.

What the Manufacturer Says

The Flagship in the MAXIM range, this awesome new Commercial Match pole has been designed specifically for the UK. When you need a 16m pole and your budget is tight then the Maxim Competition 500 gives you everything you need at a sensible price.

At 16.4m the pole will cover all the UK match anglers’ requirements. Garbolino have created a nicely balanced lightweight yet rigid pole with a beautifully smooth finish meaning that it is a pleasure to use even at full length. It also has plenty of hoop strength to cope with commercial carping and elastics up to 20. So whether you are fishing on a canal or river one day and a carp puddle the next then you know that you can rely on the Maxim 500 to do a job for you!

Standard Kits – 12 Elastics (1.4mm diameter)

Power Kits – 20 Elastics (2.1mm diameter)

Available in the following pack designed specifically for UK Commercial venues:-

16.4m Pole

4 Power Top 2 Kits

1 Standard Top 3 Kit

Hard Case Pole Holdall

Garbolino angling academy offer!!!!!!!!!!

A fantastic range of new poles designed specifically to cope with everything the UK Commercial Club or pleasure angler needs in a pole. And as if that wasn’t enough, if you buy one of these superb new poles you will also receive a free days coaching at one of Garbolino’s Angling Academy days with Garbolino Star Anglers on hand to offer advice and coaching throughout the day.


The Truth….

Firstly I knew my financial limits, I could have afforded a more expensive pole but wanted to balance this against the amount and seriousness I would use one and the value I would get out of it.

I wanted something with a reasonable spares package and the offer of a Tuition Day with the Garbo pro’s was a bonus although I’ll talk about that later.

Ok, the pole….. I’m really impressed with it full stop. It was never going to be the lightest beyond 13m but it is more than manageable.

It also feels very stiff and pretty well balanced. Compared against the Daiwa SR3 /4 it feels much more responsive and better balanced. It also has far less droop at 13m.

The strength of the pole has not failed me yet and the power kits although extremely light are very very strong. My previous pole was a yank and bank and it compares very well for strength.

Ive had carp to 8.5lb and it performed extremely well.

The pole was meant to come with a match kit (top 3) and 4 power kits. But as an unexpected bonus I ended up with a 5th Power kit, no idea how or why but I’m not complaining.

I also purchased the extendible potting kit which is brilliant. It’s strong and easy to use and comes with 3 different sized cups.

One thing I’m having to get used to is that the top kits are much longer than my previous poles…but as I say that’s something I just need to get used to.

The pole comes in a hard case holdall which is fairly robust although the handles seem to have been fitted so that the holdall is incorrectly balanced when carrying ….but that’s a minor point.

In total I paid £560 for the pole, cupping kit and elasticated which I think is an extremely good price for a very good pole. Yes ….I’m sure a more expensive pole would be lighter better balanced and a bit fancier on the graphics etc. but it gave me exactly what I wanted for the price I was prepared to pay.

Hope this helps anyone considering a garbo pole in the Maxim range. My old man also purchased the 450 at the same time and it seems to be exactly the same pole with one extension short (which you can buy afterwards if you want to)

If you want to know anything else please ask away ….

To purchase this pole please follow the link below Fosters Of Birmingham Garbo Maxim 500


Larford Lakes – Match Lake – Burr Bank

The Match Lake at Larford offers 6 acres of superb fishing where bite after bite can be experienced from a variety of species. Every peg is capable of producing massive weights thanks to the high density stocking of mirror carp, common carp, hybrid F1s, roach, tench, bream, skimmers, chub, perch and rudd.

When fishing the Match Lake and Arena pools, the most successful tactics are pole fishing at anything between 2 metres and 13 metres.

The most successful baits are soft 4mm and 6mm pellets.  Feed pellets must be purchased from the fishery which is available 7 days a week from the fishery shop.  Hook pellets are your choice but sizes 4mm and 6mm are the most popular.  Corn and meat also produce big bags and maggot works well on the new Arena pool.

Also try the paste made up from the Dynamite Baits  green swimstim – brilliant!

The Match Lake is good with small in line method feeder and dead red maggots.

Float size on both Arena and Match Lake 0.20 gram to 0.5 gram.  Line size 0.12 or 14 dia with 14 or 16 barbless hooks.  Expect weights of around 100-150lbs in the summer and 50-70lb in the winter – guaranteed!


– No barbed hooks
– No keepnets (except in matches)
– Two keepnets to be used in matches (one for silver fish and one for carp)
– One rod or pole only per angler
– Fishing from 7am until dusk in winter
– Fishing from 7am to 8pm during summer
– Night fishing by prior special arrangement only
– Maximum of 3 rods to be used at one time
– All keepnets, landing nets, weigh nets and slings must be dipped before use, and be of carp-friendly sack material
– Car parking in designated areas only
– All litter MUST be taken home – this includes cigarette ends
– Unused bait to be taken home or thrown into the lake. Bait left on the bank attracts vermin and is classed as litter
– No dogs
– Tickets to be obtained from the on-site fishery office before fishing
– No fish to be removed
– No live bait for pike – SEA DEAD BAITS ONLY
– No placing fish on the bank whilst unhooking unless positioned on an unhooking mat. We prefer fish to be unhooked in the landing and off the ground
– No camp fires
– No elasticated Method feeders. All feeders and carp terminal tackle must be able to break free and also be free-running
– All carp (regardless of size) must be netted

Match Rules

1.      All competitors must use two keepnets, and split the catch equally.

2.      All nets used for retaining carp must be of carp-friendly sack mesh  (nets can be hired at £5.00 per session).   Anyone not in possession of carp-friendly nets will not be allowed to fish and, ideally, nets should carry the Angling Foundation’s Waterlily logo for maximum fish-friendly protection.

3.      Fish to be weighed by bringing bottom ring through keepnet only.  Our fishery staff weighs all matches.

4.      All carp must be netted.  No swinging in of fish at any time.  Landing nets must be of a fish-friendly material, ideally polyester and, if possible, featuring the Waterlily logo.

5.      Strictly barbless hooks only.  Hook checks will be made during competitions.  Anyone found to be using barbed hooks will be asked to leave the site.  Maximum hook size 10.

6.      Groundbait on Match and Arena Lake to be fed by pole cup or feeder only or what can be squeezed in one hand only.

7.      Pellets: Maximum 4 bags per angler.  All feed pellets must be purchased from the fishery.

8.      All landing nets and keepnets must be dipped before entry to the lake bank.

9.      Elasticated method feeders, in-line or conventional feeders allowed (but not on Arena Lake)

10. No catfood, dogfood, bloodworm or joker, or macaroni cheese on either the Specimen or Match lakes.

11. No Floating baits on any of the lakes.

12. No floating poles.

13. Fishing from the banks or stages only –  NO wading or placing platforms in the water unless agreed with the fishery management.

14. No bait to be thrown on the banks at the finish of a competition.

15. All litter including cigarette ends to be cleared from the peg on completion.  Failure to do so will result in a ban.

16. No pole tapping or cupping water.

17. All pole rigs must have a fixed float 6inch minimum from pole tip or longer.

18. Hook length from the nose of the method feeder to the hook must be a minimum of 4 inch (STRICTLY NO BRAIDED HOOK LENGTHS)

19. No feeder floats allowed.

20. Boilies will be allowed in matches.

21. No PVA bags (tea bags).

22. Arena Lake is float only.


– No tiger nuts, peanuts or other nut baits
– No bloodworm or joker
– No macaroni cheese
– No catfood feed


From Stourport, follow the main road (A451) over the river bridge, heading towards Worcester. Approximately 1/2 mile after the river bridge, take the left-hand fork, signposted Worcester and Astley Cross (B4196).

Follow the road through the village of Astley Cross. After approximately 1/2 mile, take the left-hand turning, signposted LARFORD. Follow the country lane for about 1 mile and Larford Lakes and River Complex is directly at the end of the lane to your left.

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Cob House Fishery – Wyatts Pool

Although Cob House Fisheries has been around for many years, it’s recent expansion as a fishery and as a place to go for a family day out in Worcestershire has transformed it into one of the leading and most interesting day-ticket venues in the Midlands.

To be found just off the B4204 between Worcester and Martley just three miles from Worcester, the fishery offers angling on eight waters of varying size and character with one fly-only stillwater trout pool.

Three of the lakes are old, well established Victorian pools with lush bankside vegetation, overhanging willows and heaps of features to fish to. The newer pools are obviously less developed but are already throwing up cracking weights and good catches for pleasure and match anglers alike.

In addition, the fishery is heavily committed to developing angling amongst youngsters and has a thriving Junior Angling Club and well-established schools’ angling education programme. It offers tuition to anglers of all ages and abilities through approved ADB coaches and is pleased to be associated with ‘Get Hooked on Fishing’.

Cob House is a leading breeder and supplier of coarse fish to fisheries throughout the UK, as a result of which all its stocks are pure ‘home grown’ and in pristine condition.

Although there are few rules, anglers must use the fishery’s own landing nets which are supplied. Keepnets are also supplied for matches. The maximum hook size which can be used is Size 8 and fish must not be handled in cloths.

Only one rod is allowed whilst fixed rigs, semi-fixed rigs or floating poles should not be used. For baits, boilies, nuts, beans, pulses, cat food and surface baits are not allowed and halibut pellets and tinned meat should be used only on the hook.

Only Cob House Fisheries’ own loose feeder pellets should be used at the venue and these are available at £1.00 a pint from the on-site Tackle Box shop at Cob House.

In addition to offering pegs for club matches, Cob House also holds regular Saturday Open Matches at a cost of £15.20. The draw is held at 9.00am in The Tackle Box and anglers interested in taking part should telephone 01886 888517 to book or call in at the shop. There is also an affordable Wednesday Open Match which has a £10.20 ‘all-in’ fee.

All told, Cob House is an interesting venue in that it offers a variety of sport from fishing for silvers and smaller carp on newly built pools which are already throwing up good catches to fishing for bigger fish in well-established Victorian pools which are full of character and quality fish.

Wyatts Pool

Offering a total of 30 pegs, all of which are suitable for disabled anglers, Wyatts Pool opened at the end of March 2009 and shortly afterwards exploded onto the Cob House match scene when Scott Jones claimed a new venue record of 394lb 4oz whilst fishing an open competition on the new water.

One of the main features of Wyatts Pool is that it provides extensive wheelchair access all around the water thanks to a new track which also connects to more pegs and a teaching platform on Laurel Pool, another teaching platform and one peg on the Chestnut trout pool and 10 pegs on Jade’s Island.

Wyatts is stocked with plenty of fish, mainly Cob House’s own strain of home-bred common and mirror carp which range in size from just 1lb to over 5lbs. In addition, there are several much bigger fish to add to the excitement plus a small number of roach to 2lbs and similar sized bream.

Wyatts is already proving popular with small club matches and throws up regular winning match weights of 200lbs.

How to get there…

Cob House Fisheries can be found on the B4204 to the west of Worcester. Travelling north or south on the M5, leave the motorway at Junction 7 and follow the A440 and signs for Bromyard until you come to the A44, again signed Bromyard.

Continue following the A44 and take the first right, signposted for Lower Broadheath and Elgar’s Birthplace. When you come to a set of crossroads turn right and continue on to the T-junction where you need to turn left.

This takes you onto the B4204. Follow this road through Lower Broadheath until you reach Cob House Fisheries on the left.

If travelling from Bromyard, turn left to Knightwick after crossing the River Teme and when you reach Martley turn right onto the B4201 towards Worcester. Cob House Fisheries can be found about three miles from this junction on the right.

Fishing Rules

Fish Welfare

  1. Barbless hooks only. Maximum size 8.
  2. NEVER handle fish with cloths or rags of any kind.
  3. Use only landing nets and unhooking mats supplied by Cob House Fisheries CHF).
  4. All fish to be lowered back into the water (or keepnet during matches) via the landing net supplied.
  5. All fish remain the property of Cob House Fishery and any removal of fish is deemed theft and will become a police matter. NO FISH TO BE INTRODUCED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.
  6. ALL RODS TO BE ATTENDED AT ALL TIMES WHILST A BAITED HOOK IS IN THE WATER. DO NOT leave rods with baited hooks on the bank where ducks etc. may eat the bait.
  7. No fixed or semi-fixed weights or feeders, including elasticated method feeders. All ledgered weights and feeders are to be free running on the mainline.
  8. All fish to be unhooked in landing nets provided – held off the ground – or use a CHF unhooking mat provided.
  9. Sensible pole elastics please, you shouldn’t need more than a 14 or 16 on any of these pools. No Bullying of fish.
  10. No ‘yank and bank’ margin type poles.  Max 16m Pole Limit.

Hook baits and loose feed

  1. High oil pellets (trout, halibut etc) and tinned meats to be used as hook bait only – no loose feeding.
  2. CHF supplied fishery own pellets and Marukyu pellets only to be used as loose feed. You may use commercial hook pellets and paste. If you make your own paste, please make at home using tap water or make up on the bank using water from our fishing pools. Do not bring bait made up at other fisheries for bio-security reasons.
  3. Maximum 2kg ground bait.  No nuts, beans and pulses, dog or cat food. Loose Feeding bait limit – 8 pints max.
  4. ONLY Marukyu Boilies purchased from Cob House to be used on site no other Boilies allowed.
  5. Surface baits may be used only on the Victorian Pools and by prior arrangement only and will be at the discretion of the management staff and subject to suitability of tackle and ability – please speak to a member of staff.



  1. All anglers require an Environment Agency Rod Licence and must produce it to anyone requesting to see it.
  2. Prince Albert Members MUST carry their photo ID cards at all times. If you fail to do so, or if you have no photo attached, you will be charged a day ticket or be asked to leave the fishery.  Fishing on the Victorian Pools Only.
  3. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
  4. No dogs allowed to accompany fishermen, except for guide dogs for the blind or ‘hearing’ dogs for the deaf.
  5. No floating poles. Float rigs only to be used on poles and the float must be attached at least 6 inches from the pole tip.
  6. No cupping in with a second pole whilst fishing with the first.
  7. No fishing beyond half-way to the next occupied peg.
  8. Priority to disabled anglers on all the specially designed pegs at all times where there is not a match on the pool.
  9. The management does not accept responsibility for personal injury or loss or damage to property on the premises.  We expect you to fish from the bank, platforms are used at your own risk.
  10. The management reserves the right to check persons, property and vehicles at any time.
  11. Vehicles are parked at your own risk.
  12. Anyone deemed to be in breach of the rules will be asked to vacate the premises and may be liable to fines in accordance to displayed signs, refused return to the premises and reported to other fisheries.
  13. We reserve the right to amend the rules as we see fit, without notice.
  14. Photographs may be taken and used for promotional literature and website promotion. We will only take pictures of children under 16 with the express permission of their parent/s.


  1. All fishery, tackle and bait rules shown above apply to matches.
  2. All nets are supplied. DO NOT use your own nets or put CHF nets in bags of any kind. NO STINKBAGS ON SITE.
  3. Do not put stones or other weights of any kind in keep nets.
  4. Min 2 keepnets per angler.  60lb Net Limit with a max of 75lb.  Anything over 75lb will not be counted.
  5. Silverfish / small carp (under 2lb) to be put in separate net with limits as per No 4.
  6. Tackle or bait not to be transferred between anglers or spectators after the start of a match.  No extra bait will be supplied after the match has started.
  7. If you are running late for an open match, please let us know and we will draw a peg for you – no angler will be allowed to draw after the specified draw time.
  8. DO NOT ROLL FISH DOWN THE KEEPNET when weighing in – all keepnets have pull handles to draw the lower rings up through the upper ones for ease of fish removal. If you require a member of staff to instruct you on this, please ask.
  9. Use only CHF weigh sling and unhooking mat when weighing in.
  11. Angling Trust rules apply and organizers / owners or management staff’s decision is final.
  12. Anyone found not adhering to any of these rules will be asked to leave the site immediately and no refund will be given.
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Coppice Lane Fishery – Bridge


Bridge pool has been open since March 2009 and is available for day tickets and match bookings.

This new pool is ideal for pole, waggler and feeder fishing and suits both the serious match angler and pleasure anglers alike.

Bridge has been stocked with Carp to 5lb, Tench and Crucians to 1lb, Bream to 4lb, Roach and Chub. There is a separate car park for this pool which is located next to the pool for easy access to any of the 31 pegs.

The pegs have been constructed with a concrete hard base big enough to get the majority of anglers equipment on the peg.

The pool has been shaped like a canal with a distance of 13-14 metres to the far side, there is an inside ledge of 3 foot which is mirrored on the far shelf, down the middle there is 7ft of water.

Reeds, rush’s and lilies have been planted on both sides of the pool which will give features to fish to. The hot pegs are either side of the bridge, hence the name. The match record on this pool currently stands at 100lb 12oz taken on pellet and paste fished to the far side. The average match weights are 20lb-40lb

Email martyn.coppicepools@sky.com


Lawrence: 0121 351 5198 07702 695827 (mobile)

Martyn: 07976 013011 (mobile)

Paul: 07913 017861 (mobile)

Jamie (Fishery Manager): 07933 488986 (mobile)


Coppice Lane, Hammerwich, near Lichfield, West Midlands.

From Lichfield take the A461 Walsall Road from the Friary Roundabout proceed for approximately 2 miles continuing on at the A5190 junction.

Turn right along Coppice Lane and bear left at the fork in the road. The Fisheries are located immediately on the left.

Or at Muckley corner A5, follow signs for Hammerwich, approximately 1 mile, at fork bear right. Fishery is immediately on your right.

Sat Nav users type in WS7 0LB

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Hillview Lakes – Canal 3/4

Review by Gary Picken

Hillview is one of my favourite venues in the South Midlands. High praise indeed as there are other notable venues that I pass on the way down the M5 from my South Birminham home. The many different year classes of carp at Hillview means that whatever the weather or conditions, there will always be something to give you generous sport.

There are no “secret” baits or methods to contend with. Pellet, meat, corn, worm and casters will all get you plenty of fish in conjuction with the pole which dominates matches during the summer months. Although waggler and feeder have their day when cast towards the islands on the lakes. The fishing at Hillview Lakes can best be broken down into two areas – the canals and the main lakes. Here is my basic approach to fishing both.

The Lakes

For me the two Main lakes, Heron and Moorhen, are the jewels in the crown at Hillview. Both are filled with carp up to 20lb and there are masses of bream and roach to give any silver fish anglers a change from the carp. Along with a smathering of big ide, rudd and tench, these silvers and stockie carp to 21/2lb make up many 40lb plus weights before the larger carp move in to take your finishing weight to over lOOlb.

Fishing three lines is good practice on the lakes. The first is at 11-13 metres out on the bottom in six foot of water. The second is at 3-5 metres down or up the nearside shelf and again down the margins for later in your session.

The Canals

The four canals are full of carp to double figures as well as a good smattering of roach and skimmers. In recent years the back two canals have seen a dramatic increase in the number of ‘bred on’ small carp and tench that will literally give you bites all day long. In fact, it is sometimes difficult to sort out the bigger fish from the smaller ones.

The obvious place to start on the canals is well over against the far reeds. These just scream fish and it is wise to feed at least two lines well over and take a few fish before re-feeding and moving to your other line. This ‘rotation’ will keep bites coming for longer. Whatever you do, it is advisable to have a line down the track at 3-5 metres and do not ignore the margins to your left and right, as these will be most productive later in your session.


Nothing fancy-pole rigs need to beat least 0.14mm to 0.18mm for the margins on both canals and lakes. Floats should be 4×16 on the lakes in deeper water, 4×14 will cover everything else with 4×12’s for the margins. Pole elastics should be 12,14,16s depending on the size of target fish. Pole rigs again are simple with a bulk and two droppers beneath. Hooks should be 18, 16, 14s depending on the bait used and in a strong pattern like Kamasan 911 or Preston PR28.


As mentioned before, pellet, meat, corn, worm and caster will all score well. Feed pellet, either micro or 4mm MUST be bought on-site. The only other baits that catch well for carp are pastes, which HAS to be made from the on-site feed pellets or cat meat, which can only be fished on the hook and not fed.

To be totally honest, I use neither of the last two baits and do not intend to change from my pellet, meat and corn approach. You will notice that there are no bait limits in terms of quantity at Hillview, however, my best advice is to keep a little going in regularly to enjoy the best sport from the venue.

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