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Match Report – Hillview Fishery Canals 3 and 4

on April 2, 2012

Yesterday saw me fish my second match with Dudley Rod n Reel at Hillview Fishery just off Junction 1 of the M50 near Tewkesbury.

A heavy frost was promised and despite the glorious weather earlier in the week that’s exactly what we got with a heavy frost seeing temperatures plummet to a positively artic -4 around 4/5 am.

My keep nets airing on the lawn following a session on Friday were frozen and an extra pair of trousers were swiftly deployed.

The prospects didn’t look good…fish especially those pesky F1’s feed right through the coldest weather but nature struggles to cope with sudden change and I guess fish are no different.

On arrival, the venue was eerily covered with a rising Smokey mist and the temperature even at 8 am hadn’t risen much above 0.

Was there first and I got barrowed up ready to make my way to the Canal Lakes at the top of the venue when others started to arrive.

A mug of tea and a bacon and egg sarnie got the day of to a good start.

Arrival at the lakes it was clear that pegging was going to be tight with a full accompaniment of 20 anglers there wasn’t much space. The odd empty peg was left free giving those lucky in the draw with a little more scope.

I drew peg 12 on Canal 4 sun on my back so I was relatively happy. I knew good weights recently have come of this part of the lake so prospects were good even with the drop in water temp.

I was also fishing against The Guvnor Richard Lowe in the singles so the pressure was on.

With a free peg to my left and then Paul “The Fin” Postin next peg down I felt sure he would be baggin up

Match started and I adopted two main rigs …first over to the bottom crease of the first ledge on corn and expander. Picking out 3 spots of equal depth to rotate as I expected to catch F1’s all day. Best laid plans … no sign of fish for 1 st hour very quiet. A few pegs were picking up the odd fish and Phil Locke on Canal 3 was clearly eaking out a bag of fish despite the lakes fishing hard

Kept at the ledge line for a couple of hours before trying down the track on deck again with pellet and corn. Managed to pick up the odd fish now and again but never really got into any rhythm

Plenty of Ghosties and mongrels on the surface but you could tell they wernt going to be having anything shallow or from dobbing around so tried to ignore them as best as you can.

Last hour brought some blessed relief with a decent carp to about 3lb and bonus small F1’s angered if anything into taking the bait by lifting and dropping every 5 to 10 seconds which increased the net to a disappointing but relatively competitive 5kg 11. Winner came from Canal 3 in Phil “The Corn” Locke weighing in at just over 18kg.

Expectations had been high but those in the know knew that pegging 20 anglers on the two canals would make the venue fish hard and so it transpired.

Beaten by Richard Lowe in the singles with 7kg something but sneaked though on away goals with the highest losing weight which was a Brucie bonus.

Generally a thoroughly disappointing day but as ever, a bad days fishing is better than a good days work !


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