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Getting Closer….but feeling further away than ever !!!

on February 4, 2012

So were into February and all thoughts are turning to the fishing year ahead.

I’m lucky to have found a club to fish with this year, Dudley Rod n Reel so will be fishing 12 or so matches…likely to be hammered off the lake but hey ho !!

So whilst the first match on the 11th of March is getting closer the weather turning as it has makes me feel its further away than ever.

Whilst we have been fortunate, so far, not to have had the awful snow we had last year, the temperatures are still extremely low.  Whilst I have admiration for those brave souls who are tempted to get out and break the ice, I am wondering really whether its worth it.

I’m also very aware that this cold weather brings misery to so many people, particularly the most vulnerable.  However those who are fit and able can be cruelly and unexpectedly affected at this time of year.

Two years ago a good friend slipped on some ice, could have happened to anybody, any age any where….He ended up breaking his leg, and wrist, a common partnership unfortunately.

He ended up in hospital for several weeks and even when home, relied on carers and his family.  Months of physio further surgery and a diagnosis of Thrombosis followed and even now is feeling the after effects.

The moral to this story is no matter how old, how fit, how independent you are in this cold icy weather take care of yourself and if you can keep an eye out for any elderly or vulnerable neighbours.

Whilst Cameron bangs on about Big Society, the sense of community is not completely dead – it just needs a little intensive care.

Look in on your elderly and vulnerable neighbours, make sure they have enough food and drink in to ensure they dont try and get out to the shops when they dont really need to.

A simple slip, trip or fall can multiply into something much much worse – keeping people in their homes, warm safe is the best option as long as someone looks in on them regualry and they arent socially isolated.

If you need any advice on caring for the most vulnerable this winter check out Winter Wrapped Up from Age UK

Sorry for this off topic ramble …hope you all keep warm safe and healthy during this cold snap.


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