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Garbolino Maxim Competition Match 500

on January 19, 2012

After purchasing my Garbo Maxim 500 I have waited until now to post my comments.

Didn’t want to jump in and say it was great or a pile of pooh before giving it due chance. I feel its also important to say that i have no connection with Garbolino or any other company.

What the Manufacturer Says

The Flagship in the MAXIM range, this awesome new Commercial Match pole has been designed specifically for the UK. When you need a 16m pole and your budget is tight then the Maxim Competition 500 gives you everything you need at a sensible price.

At 16.4m the pole will cover all the UK match anglers’ requirements. Garbolino have created a nicely balanced lightweight yet rigid pole with a beautifully smooth finish meaning that it is a pleasure to use even at full length. It also has plenty of hoop strength to cope with commercial carping and elastics up to 20. So whether you are fishing on a canal or river one day and a carp puddle the next then you know that you can rely on the Maxim 500 to do a job for you!

Standard Kits – 12 Elastics (1.4mm diameter)

Power Kits – 20 Elastics (2.1mm diameter)

Available in the following pack designed specifically for UK Commercial venues:-

16.4m Pole

4 Power Top 2 Kits

1 Standard Top 3 Kit

Hard Case Pole Holdall

Garbolino angling academy offer!!!!!!!!!!

A fantastic range of new poles designed specifically to cope with everything the UK Commercial Club or pleasure angler needs in a pole. And as if that wasn’t enough, if you buy one of these superb new poles you will also receive a free days coaching at one of Garbolino’s Angling Academy days with Garbolino Star Anglers on hand to offer advice and coaching throughout the day.


The Truth….

Firstly I knew my financial limits, I could have afforded a more expensive pole but wanted to balance this against the amount and seriousness I would use one and the value I would get out of it.

I wanted something with a reasonable spares package and the offer of a Tuition Day with the Garbo pro’s was a bonus although I’ll talk about that later.

Ok, the pole….. I’m really impressed with it full stop. It was never going to be the lightest beyond 13m but it is more than manageable.

It also feels very stiff and pretty well balanced. Compared against the Daiwa SR3 /4 it feels much more responsive and better balanced. It also has far less droop at 13m.

The strength of the pole has not failed me yet and the power kits although extremely light are very very strong. My previous pole was a yank and bank and it compares very well for strength.

Ive had carp to 8.5lb and it performed extremely well.

The pole was meant to come with a match kit (top 3) and 4 power kits. But as an unexpected bonus I ended up with a 5th Power kit, no idea how or why but I’m not complaining.

I also purchased the extendible potting kit which is brilliant. It’s strong and easy to use and comes with 3 different sized cups.

One thing I’m having to get used to is that the top kits are much longer than my previous poles…but as I say that’s something I just need to get used to.

The pole comes in a hard case holdall which is fairly robust although the handles seem to have been fitted so that the holdall is incorrectly balanced when carrying ….but that’s a minor point.

In total I paid £560 for the pole, cupping kit and elasticated which I think is an extremely good price for a very good pole. Yes ….I’m sure a more expensive pole would be lighter better balanced and a bit fancier on the graphics etc. but it gave me exactly what I wanted for the price I was prepared to pay.

Hope this helps anyone considering a garbo pole in the Maxim range. My old man also purchased the 450 at the same time and it seems to be exactly the same pole with one extension short (which you can buy afterwards if you want to)

If you want to know anything else please ask away ….

To purchase this pole please follow the link below Fosters Of Birmingham Garbo Maxim 500


2 responses to “Garbolino Maxim Competition Match 500

  1. phill arnold says:

    Hi this has really helped me Wive my desision as i couldnt decide between the 450 and 500 but think I will go Wive the 500 as i May need that extra bit of length

    • Hi Phil glad the review has been of use….the extra length is always handy but unless your looking at a top end pole then no pole is useable for long periods at 16m unless your Fatima Whitbread …. For the little bit extra the 500 gives you just that bit more flexability ….overall a really good pole …hope you enjoy it…check out the price at Fosters Birmingham and if you can get there im sure they will do you a good deal.

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