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Daiwa TD302sb Seat Box

on January 15, 2012

A semi impulsive buy last year saw me and my recently retired father purchase a Daiwa TD302sb seat box each.  Difference was whilst he had a bunch of cheques from insurance companies and pension funds to cover the cost, I had to find the money.

Regardless of how this purchase was to be funded it has turned out to be a very good investment.

Manufacturers Blub…

The TD302 Seat Box is one of the most innovative boxes available. Designed with a built in height adjustable top compartment you can obtain the ideal leg clearance for comfort and use.

Also featuring a removable cassette system in the base the trays can be integrate with the new stack system to be tailored to your requirements. Finished throughout in ‘black sand’ enamel.


• Top compartment is height adjustable for ultimate comfort
• Detachable cassette with four front drawers, recessed lid and carry handle.
• Top tier with two recessed layers and two slim, long side drawers
• Telescopic legs
• Integrated and retractable footplate
• Soft grip hand wheels with non marking locking mechanism
• Deep padded pole seat
• Tilting mud feet
• Padded shoulder strap
• Trolley conversion kit included
The Truth…
Having previously owned an Ultimate box shortly after coming back to fishing I had my eyes on a sturdier seat box and had been looking at the Mavers but the Daiwa’s always seemed good but slightly out of my reach.But this box ended up costing me £300 which is a £199 short of the manufacturers RRP which seemed a good buy.
Ill start with the negatives for a change…don’t worry there arn’t many.
Box hinges – I do fear that the hinges on the box lid and compartments are extremely weak.  Although I haven’t had one break yet I’m worried that over extension of the lid could see the hinge rip off and unlike the Prestons they are not fitted with snap off hinges.
Wheel kit strut brackets – the strut brackets fitted to the main body of the box are welded on, but when the wheels are fitted and barrow loaded the wheels to tend to splay outwards putting strain on the welded brackets.
Weight – fully loaded the box does weigh a bit and can be awkward to carry.  Don’t know why they supply a shoulder strap as I wouldn’t fancy having to carry this on my back for any distance at all.  Then again, I was looking for a good sturdy reliable box and the extra weight is due to the strong construction and materials.
Finally the Pole recess in the seat could be more sturdy as its made of material and collapses when sitting on the box.  Could have done with being made of semi pliable plastic to make inserting into the recess easier.
Now for the positives…If your looking for seat box that gets more and more comfortable the more you use it then look no further.
The 302sb is fully adjustable for height and level and the additional height adjustment for the seat allows for quick and easy changes once you have levelled your box up on your peg.

Once levelled up the legs just do not move even when standing on the very sturdy platform.
Storage is more than ample even though there is no deep storage unit for bigger items such as reels etc. but the drawers and the shuttle / cassette fit well and once locked in, do not move.
The box is easy to hose down after a mucky session or to remove impregnated paste or ground bait from the platform and comes up good as new.
For the money paid the 302sb is a super seat box and am looking forward to a full season using to see just how comfortable this box can get.

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