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Win a day with the great Bob Nudd MBE

on January 14, 2012


Organisers of the Big Bash have announced the first of their “chances” days for 2012 and what a day it is.

The Big Bash is the biggest charity open fishing match in the UK at the present time, with 421 anglers taking part in 2008 and a massive 471 in 2009 and the organisers have secured another day for two anglers with the 4 times world champion and gentleman of angling, the great Bob Nudd MBE.


The day is for two anglers and will be held at a venue and date to suit both parties.

£5 buys you 1 x “CHANCE” entered in to the draw which will take place on Thursday Feb 9th at 7pm by the Organisers wife “Mrs Big Bash” in front of two witnesses.

This full days fishing and coaching with the gentleman of angling is one not be missed and it could be yours for as little as £5.

You can have as many goes as you wish as often as you wish, every penny that is raised to be donated to the fight against breast cancer

As on the other days the organisers have arranged for you to pay via paypal http://bigbash.fishing-buddys.com/Paypal.php or by cash or cheque.

Organisers are requesting that all cheques are made payable to NLAG CHARITABLE TRUST (BREAST CANCER).

For more information please see the Big Bash website or see the thread on www.maggotdrowning.com


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