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Makins Fishery, Nuneaton

on January 12, 2012

Well what can I say about Makins……and where do I start ?

I’ve fished Makins now 3 times and its such a lovely place.  I suppose the main thing for many of you is that the fishing is really good, something for everyone from the ardent commie carp king through to specimen still water barbel hunters.

But in addition its such a well kept place, excellent facilities and easily accessible for all.

With 3 phases Makins offers 18 lakes

Phase One: The first of the Makin Fisheries to be developed, Phase One comprises the largest of the pleasure and match waters and includes a total of five lakes ranging from six and a half acres in size to about two acres. Pole fishing is allowed on all of these waters.

Phase Two: With the exception of Lagoon and Lizard Pools, the waters on Phase Two are much smaller than those on Phase One but offer a more intimate feel because they incorporate inlets, bays, islands and irregular shapes. Although smaller in size than Phase One waters, the fish can be equally impressive.



Phase Three: The latest addition to Makin Fishery is the purpose-built Phase Three match complex which is served by its own car park and offers a total of 130 competition swims. Although only recently opened, Phase Three has been extensively planted and landscaped and provides one of the country’s best match venues.

Bait Rules

Unusually for a commercial these days the bait restrictions are pretty few and far between.  All they ask is you use Dynamite SwimStim Betane feed pellets, other than that you can use whatever groundbait or hookers you want to.

Dynamite Baits - Swimstim Green Pellets
Dynamite Baits SwimStim Green ….. the only feed pellets allowed on Makins

Available from the cabin on Phase 1 or bring your own from your local tackle shop.

For more information please see their website at www.makinsfishery.co.uk

To visit Makins please find the address below

Makins Fishery,
Bazzard Road,
CV11 6QJ

Tel: 01455 220877


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