A Fishermans Tales

Entireley my senseless and random ramblings ….


Well thank you for visiting my Blog… I hope I make it worth your while.

I decided give blogging a try after reading about others attempts on www.maggotdrowning.com all I need to do know is find something to write about.

I guess the best place is what I know best…a bit about myself.

I have over the past two years got back into fishing after hiatus of around 15 years.

So much has changed and it seems that its virtually a completely different sport what with the advent of commercials and pellet fishing etc.

Some things remain the same however…. It always seems to rain when I want to have a day out and I still spend too much money on tackle I don’t really need.

My latest compulsion is pole floats …. I’m a self confessed pole float junkie…. Always after my next fix …… Chasing the dragon, Decker or Gimp.

My goal for 2012 is to get back into fishing matches…. Either club or opens. I am competitive…. very competitive but unfortunately for me and somewhat frustratingly, not that good.  That said I readily admit and accept this so there is not element of denial.

I do favour the commercials but do like the more attractive naturalised venues such as Cudmore, Furnace Mill and my particular favourite, Makins which I recommend to anyone to try …. More of this can be found in my section on venue reviews.

So…that’s a bit about me. I’m not in this for self publicity in fact I doubt anyone will ever read this but never mind…its about formalising my thoughts, ideas and opinions just on the off chance some one else can be bothered to read them.

Well I better start writing some blog entries then as there would be little point in having a blog in the first place without any.

Happy danglings,



3 responses to “Welcome…

  1. Mick says:

    Hi Justin,
    I like the blog!

    I noticed your pole report on the Maxim 500. I have just purchased one of these, together with the cupping kit. I currently have an old Browning pole and decided to upgrade ahead of my early retirement in June. I now plan to fish a few more of our club comps! Any tips on using the pole that I should be aware of?

    Should be getting mine tomorrow. Managed to get it at the 2011 price as I understand it has gone up by £100 for 2012!!


    • Thanks Mick for your comments,on the blog and hope your happy with your purchase … let me know how you get on with it

      happy danglings

      • no tips really just enjoy it …. top kits seem really light but deceptively strong so dont be affraid to give it some hammer…you’ve had the ext. cupping kit which is brilliant.

        other things to watch are that the end caps to the butt sections can be a bit tight … use a towell to help with purchase and buy either a white chinagraph pencil or tippex pen to mark your depth on the pole when you have plumbed up to mark it in case you want to shallow up later only to go back on the deck . saves replumbing … also usefull if you get bost by a biggun.

        hook your hook into the base of the top two and then mark the tip of the float bristle on your pole.

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